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Wahroonga Adventist School Committed to "Wilding" its Environment

Jul 28, 2022

Knowing that greenery can boost well-being and provide a respite for over-stimulated minds, the Wahroonga Adventist School is committed to “wild” its physical environment.

Affirming its commitment and celebrating National Tree Day, Wahroonga students spent time outside on July 29 planting trees and shrubs at Coups Creek and the school campus alongside the Wahroonga Waterways Landcare leaders.

Local MP and NSW minister for science, innovation and technology, Alister Henskens, joined in the planting. Challenging students to think about a sustainable future, he commented on the positive impact that students can make towards the environment by planting, recycling and using science and technology to find creative, innovative solutions to current environmental issues.

“It was fantastic to see the students work together to wild/green our school and our local community”, said head of the science department Leisly White. “Individual actions like these, no matter how small, help to create a better future for us all.”

Principal Julia Heise said it is a blessing to have inspired educators, dedicated parents and future-focused students who care for the school environment and nature.

With the collaboration between staff, parents and students, sensory gardens, veggie patches and native edible gardens have already been implemented, with a chicken coop and native beehive to follow.

“Greening and wilding our schools provide the opportunity not just for curriculum to be taught, but for a life-long love of the natural environment to be nurtured in our future leaders,” concluded Mrs Heise.