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Enrolment Process

Thank you for choosing to enrol your child in our school. All enrolments are made on the understanding that the student and parents support the ethos and philosophy of the school, and consequently uphold its practices and policies. Admission is subject to approval following the process outlined below:

Complete enrolment application form

Submit form with ALL supporting documentation:

  1. Birth certificate
  2. Passport/Visa
  3. Immunisation certificates
  4. Most recent school reports (where applicable)
  5. Most recent NAPLAN results (where applicable)
  6. Legal documents relating to special family arrangements i.e. family court orders, AVOs
  7. Specialist reports relating to learning needs

Pay application fee (non-refundable)

Attend an interview with the Head of School and School Principal

Successful applicants will be sent a Letter of Offer. This document will include details of the acceptance fee (non-refundable) which will secure the student's place at Wahroonga Adventist School. Other applicants may be given the opportunity to go on a wait list.

School Fees

The Tuition Fee represents approximately one-third of the cost of educating each child.  The remaining two-thirds is met by a combination of Commonwealth and State recurrent grants and allocations from the Seventh-day Adventist churches in the Greater Sydney Area.

School fee accounts are sent via email either annually or prior to the commencement of each term, and are to be paid in full by the due date on each invoice.  Tuition fees may be paid by cheque, cash, Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS or Direct Deposit. Please contact the School Bursar if you require any further information. Tel:  9487 2100. 

You can view our current fee schedule here.

Overseas Student Enrolment

Applications from overseas students will be considered if the student will be living with their parents, in Sydney, while attending our school.  

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The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) legislative framework (link below) is designed to ensure that Australia's reputation for delivering quality education services is maintained and that the interests of overseas students are protected. It sets minimum standards and provides tuition and financial assurance. Together with Australian immigration law, the ESOS framework also imposes visa related reporting requirements on both students and educational institutions.


Our school does not engage the services of education agents to promote the school overseas or in Australia. We welcome enquiries from parents directly and/or friends/relatives enquiring on their behalf. 

If you are a student visa holder you must obtain health insurance from an Australian health insurance provider. You must have adequate health insurance while in Australia. This is done by obtaining Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) which provides medical and hospital insurance in Australia. You must not arrive in Australia before your health insurance starts. If you are in Australia and do not have adequate health insurance, you are in breach of your visa conditions.  The government's Private Health website ( compares a range of insurance products so you can make an informed choice on which health cover works for you. 

Further Queries

Should you have any further queries with regards to our International Student program, please contact the School's Registrar via email: [email protected] or phone Internationally +61 2 9487 2100 or within Australia 02 9487 2100.