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CAPA Creative Evening

Aug 03, 2022

We were blessed on Wednesday 27 July to run our first ever High School CAPA evening. Over 100 students participated in this event resulting in a wonderful evening for our community.

All students who participated in the art program at the school had their works on display. From the Year 7 portraits to the Year 11 major artworks it was all displayed in a gallery like ambience at Fox Valley Community Centre. A wonderful array of artworks were shown including multimedia artworks, sculptures, paintings and drawings all displaying our students creative abilities which they had been working on throughout semester one. It was lovely to observe the different ideas and creativeness in all of the artworks. Three awards were given out the Principal Choice Award was given to India B, People’s Choice Award was presented to Charlotte H and the Packer Prize was given to Aditya K and Joshua B. Honourable mentions go to Angelica Y, Annabelle M, Audrey K and Nina F. Congratulations to these students.

 At 6.30pm all went into the hall where a concert was held. The concert band started the show off with their rendition of the Hallelujah Chorus. Our two music leaders Kate S and Charlotte H led the audience through the evening with a display all of the elective music classes ranging from Year 7-12.

The Year 12 students performed their HSC music performances which were in a variety of styles. They were accompanied by our tutors Mrs Amanda Miller, Mrs Caroline Sweeney and Mrs Sarah Jameson which was a real treat for the audience. Students in the middle years performed music from Bach to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers with great energy and enthusiasm, singers and instrumentalists all displayed Wahroonga’s ever growing music program.

The High School Choir and Camerata Strings also performed beautifully showing off the hard work of these ensembles which meet every week for rehearsals.  

We would like to acknowledge the Year 10 backstage team who ran lights, sound and movement on and off stage namely Katie M, Ella G, William K, Caleb K, Lachlan W, Jack B and Jasper S who worked tirelessly on the evening.

We are looking forward to our next event so stay tuned, and would like to thank all parents and families for their continued support of the music and visual arts programs at our school.


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