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Alumni Homecoming

Sep 22, 2022

It was with joy and excitement that we celebrated our first Alumni Homecoming event on Saturday 17 September in a special church service at Wahroonga Church. Hundreds of school community members from over the decades were able to catch up with each other and reconnect.


Roseanna Fairfax, a past student from the 2000’s, spoke of the impact her teacher had on her own faith journey. Mr Greg Hize, Principal from 1988 to 2003, spoke of God’s leading in the school and how His vision for our lives and school community is often bigger than our own. Current parent, Dr Andrew Pennington, challenged us to work in partnership as parents and school in the wholistic development of children.


The music provided by the school orchestra was exceptional and a lovely highlight as this was their inaugural performance, led by Mrs Kristina Vuceski, Head of Performing Arts.


Past principal Mrs Michelle Streatfeild (2004 – 2020) spoke of the opportunity students have to shine, grow and reach out as they journey through the school and 2021 School Captains, Grace Colville and William Jameson represented the first Year 12 graduating cohort.


The efforts of the Alumni Planning Committee were highly appreciated, and I give particular thanks to Bec Reid, Maryellen Hacko, Alyssa Potts, Carmen Wynstra, Fenny Lim and Roger Farifax. Students, staff and parent volunteers helped to make the day wonderful, and the memorabilia displayed by Mrs Janet Shirley and Mrs Leonie Savage prompted many memories.


As students, staff, families and volunteers re-connected, we know that we share a rich history over the past 117 years - a history of connection not just with fellow school community members, but connection with God who is at the heart of our school.


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