Fee Schedule

Tuition Fees

Fees for 1st Term are due on Registration Day.

Accounts for terms 2-4 will be issued before school closes for the previous term.

Tuition fees are to be paid within one month of the commencement of terms 2-4. Any variation with this would need to be arranged with the school.

If you require assistance with fees, contact the Principal who will be able to give you  further  information.

Fees must be paid in full or arrangements for payment must be made with the Principal before student reports will be issued. Credit Card facilities are available for fee payment, and we encourage the use of this facility. Visa, Mastercard and EFTPOS are acceptable.

Overseas students must pay in advance a full years fees by cash or credit card. Annual discount does not apply. Annual fees start from $20,930.

One Term notice must be given if terminating enrolment during a school year. Term fees are not  refundable.

Fee Schedules

Kindy –Year 6  (2020)

Tuition Fees – per term (4 terms)

Our current fees per term are outlined below. There are 4 terms per year.

1 child        $1820

2 children   $1547 per child

3 children   $1274 per child

4 children   $1092 per child

The 5th child and subsequent children attending a school in our system receive free tuition.

Local Seventh-Day Adventist Churches contribute funds to provide subsidies for active church members to assist their children with Christian education. Employees of church based companies may also receive subsidies from their employers.

A discount of two and one half percent (2.5%) off tuition fees is allowed if the full term's fees have been received by the school by the advertised discount date. Responsibility for getting the fees to the school by the discount date lies with the parents.

A 10% discount applies off Tuition Fees if the FULL years account is paid on Registraion Day. 

* Please note that NO Discounts apply to Prep.

Order of Other Discounts 

1. SDA Member Discount (applied to Gross Tuition Fee after Family Discount is applied - excludes Consumable Fee).

2. Family Discount (applied to Net Tuition Fee applicable to 1 child - excludes Consumable Fee).

3. Employee Discount (applied to Net Tuition Fee after Family Discount and SDA Discount - excludes Consumable Fee).  

4. Early Payment Discount (applied to Net Fee after Family Discount, SDA Discount and Employee Discount). 

Consumables – Terms 1, 2 & 3 only   

This fee includes        
        Books and stationery
        Sport – swimming, gymnastics, athletics
        Music – yrs 2-6 only. Small group lessons
        Craft fee
        Computer & internet fee
        Basic Skills test
        UNSW Subject Comp.

Kindy & Year 1  $285

Years 2- 6  $435

Other Fees

The eldest child in the family also pays a Home & School Donation $40 per term and a Maintenance Levy of $20 per term.

Instrument Hire will be added to those students who borrow a school band instrument.

Excursion and school visits may be at times added to the fee account as they occur.

Discounts and bursaries may apply for parents who support the school financially through their local Seventh-day Adventist  Church.  Please see the school secretary for further information.  The Sydney Adventist Hospital has no discounts for employees.

Prep Fees

Prep fees are currently $47 per day. A fee account is issued at the beginning of each school term.

A consumable fee of  $170 will be issued for terms 1, 2 & 3.