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Science Week - Food - Different by Design

Aug 23, 2021

August is always an exciting month in Australian schools, as an entire week is dedicated to Science! This year, the theme was Food – Different by Design. Students were provided access to a variety of online events and interactive modules, including an escape room challenge. It really warmed my heart seeing so many students really enjoying and engaging with the programs! I look forward to announcing the winners for the Garden Challenge next week.

Mrs Leisly White (Head of Science Department)

“What I liked about Science Week was the interesting and in-depth webinars that we got to choose from. They were from all different Science places like UNSW, UTS, Fizzics Education and Virtual Excursions Australia. They all stuck to the theme of this year’s Science Week, Food: Different by Design. This was a very fun, interesting, in-depth, and interactive week.”

Written by Lachlan L (Year 8)

“In this extraordinary Science Week I have enjoyed learning about native species of Australia that have been becoming extinct and all the impacts that humans have had (and are still having) on our natural environment.

I also enjoyed the Future of Food webinar, in particular the lab grown meat part, and how these scientists are trying to recreate meat without killing animals. I had some very interesting conversations in the live chat talking about if this meat would be vegan and vegetarian friendly.

But my favourite talk so far was the one from Doctor Karl and how engaging he was, putting a bit 

of humour into his talk and how encouraging he was toward the future about how we might be the first generation to live forever, a scary and cool thing at the same time.

This Science Week has been a great few days of information and inspiration! “

Written by Nathan R (Year 8)


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