Middle School Program

Future Year 7 Students

The Developing Years

Students in the Middle School years experience a time of change and development. We highlight this time in middle school as the developing years, which is outlined below in our school structure as three small schools in one: 

  • Junior School: Prep to Year 4 - Foundation Years

  • Middle School: Years 5 to 8 - Developing Years

  • Senior School: Years 9 to 12 - Future Leaders

It is our aim to nurture their growth by providing a pastoral care team that will guide them and engage them in their learning. In years 5 and 6, introduction into specialist learning classes begins as a transition into the high school curricululm. Years 7 and 8 see the additional support of a homeroom teacher.

For more information on our middle school program and class program and structure, please lodge an enquiry in our enquiries box to the right, where you can also request a prospectus pack.