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Junior School

Junior School is a dynamic environment where we foster a sense of belonging, a love of learning, and a deeper relationship with God.

With nurture and encouragement the key components of classroom culture, these early Junior School years help students grow in confidence, interact in more depth with new knowledge and skills, learn from one other, and develop learning responsibility.

Literacy and numeracy are encountered in every context across the curriculum, forming a strong foundation for students' future schooling. At the same time, music, sport, technology and a range of extracurricular offerings give students an outlet for expression and provide opportunities to develop their individual interests and talents.

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We help your child develop values based on the qualities displayed by Jesus. These values will contribute to shaping their characters as adults. Compassion, enthusiasm, self-control, determination, forgiveness, attentiveness, faith, nurture and excellence are taught explicitly. They are also inherent in the way we instruct, guide and support students in their daily learning activities and social interactions. Students receive awards for positive conduct in the school community.

BIBLE: The study of the life of Christ and other people in the Bible

ENGLISH: The study of grammar, reading, spelling, handwriting, writing and speaking

MATHEMATICS: The study of problem solving, estimation and calculation

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY: The study of scientific process, experimentation, and introduction to different technologies

HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY: The study of history, geography and citizenship

CREATIVE & PRACTICAL ARTS: Exploring, expressing, communicating and performing through dance, drama, art and music

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Playing and learning new skills and sports, developing fine and gross motor skills

LOTE: French

Personal excellence is a focus in every classroom, with assessments and activities used as a basis for extending those who show greater levels of interest and ability. Students are streamed in reading, maths and spelling, thus allowing for more targeted instruction and academic development.

Additional opportunities that challenge and extend learning, interests and talents are available through international competitions and assessments for schools (ICAS) and co-curricular activities such as music tuition, band, choir and art.

It is understood that each student learns in a different manner. Our teachers aim to cater for all learning styles and incorporate a wide variety of activities such as student-led tutorials, excursions, question and answer sessions, experiments, group work, creative expression and arts, multi-media, games, technology, and discussions. These activities complement teaching, textbook use, projects and assessments.

Activities may include but are not limited to:

  • Band
  • String ensemble
  • Guitar ensemble
  • Choir
  • Chess classes
  • Music tuition
  • Interschool worship program
  • Sports Carnivals and Gala Days
  • Tennis lessons
  • ASISSA Interschool Sports Competition

Our classrooms are digitally equipped with age-appropriate technology. This enhances the delivery of the curriculum, caters to a broad range of learning styles, and allows students to solve problems, work, and connect with each other and the world in 21st century ways. Regular access to technology in the classroom is a part of the weekly program.